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P1-Z Comics
Name: Idea:
028: My heart beats for you Valentines day 2013
027: Like a Good Neighbor Insurance is great.
026: Scientifically Tested. What could go wrong?
025: N.S.F.W Rule 34
024: Newbies shouldn't mouth off People/Halo
023: Failure Sports Real story
022: A quest of epic WOW-ness World of Warcraft
020: Unrealistic Shooter Shooters
019: When Animals attack Animal Crossing
018: DS Hookup Pictochat
017: Fishbowl full of Rum WTF?
016: Tempur Temptation Tempur Pedic
015: Ambush in January? FFFFFFFF
014: Medkit Shooters
013: Escape party! n/a
012: Oh God God of War
011: Slavery in the shadows Shadow the Hedgehog
010: I don't get it... n/a
009: Interrogation n/a
008: Hackie Sacked n/a
007: Mag Fucker Phantasy Star Online
006: Engrish Base
005: Foreign Relations Actually happened
004: Team Damaged Red Faction
003: Rickshaws New Duds My friend requsted this, and yes he is infact Asian.
002: Commission Annoying EB Games clerks.
001:Sugar Frosted n/a
P1Z is created by Mike Girardin and "Zenny", a comic series that has everything to do with nothing specific.